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 Posted: May 21 2014, 11:22 PM
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Fabien Cortez was promoted to be the leader of Acolytes Faction, which would reside under the thumb of Magneto. His bravery against the human oppressors won this high award for his valor but Fabien and his loyal followers were found out and killed. It was Scanner who discovered the overall plot to take over Mutopia. Fabien, who was a trusted leader of the Acolytes team, was waiting to strike like a viper and take out Magneto. Why? Allowing Magneto to create the society he wanted would only allow secession death of a mutants like his children would be something the world wouldn't blink twice at. Fabien knew this and he worked with other mutants to gain Magneto's trust. It worked to well. Upon finding out about the traitors Magneto promptly had them executed and placed his son Quicksilver at the head of the Acolytes. In this faction he would have a seat in the overall government with his sister Polaris.


The beautiful Mystique oversees the Brotherhood Faction and has a seat next to Magneto. She hates being his lackey but it is best to be in places that won't get you killed. Mystique and Magneto founded the original Brotherhood team and it she who stuck with it. Some mutants divided being more loyal to one or the other. It was a faction of chaos and still holds on to that tradition. Mystique has kept the members most loyal to her but Pyro. He went to live among the Morlocks and has risen in their ranks under the orders of Mystique herself. The others are still strong, true, and becoming a little smarter and degraded Pyro as a traitor. The Brotherhood won many battles over the course of the war.


Not all mutants or humans are attached to a faction. Many just want to live their lives and be left alone. Citizens to the jobs that are needed to keep Mutopia growing. Humans have lesser jobs than that of mutants. Students and professors for Magneto's training school will fall under citizen.

Hellfire Club

The Hellifre club is masking it's own agenda with the fact that it is now a gentlemen's club. The inner circle is still intact and members want to take what is their's. They are wary to act quickly and without calculated steps. The White King is playing his own game and setting up a chess board to take all mutant kings.

Gene Nation

Gene Nation is a group that steams from the Morlocks. They are more violent and wish to stand as a governmental body. They feel both the X-Men and Magneto are working to hold the Morlock people back.


Ororo Monroe defeated Callisto and became the leader of the Morlock people. Ororo's other duties allows Callisto to lead in her absence. This group came into being during the oppression of mutants. The more grosteque looking mutants banded together and took to the sewers below. At first they were cruel to those that may threaten their lives. They took on a clan form of government which was kept once Ororo become the leader and things changed a little for the better. The Morlocks became more welcoming before the war came. Due to their ability to be all over the states in sewer systems, Ororo asked for their help get mutant and human children free from the death they may face due to genetic testing laws on both sides. The Morlocks agreed to this and worked to save those children. War made some of them bitter which caused a increased need to be in power. Gene Nation is forming quickly now and the Morlocks want more of a say in their fates. Pyro has joined the Morlock ranks and has become a favorite of Marrow's and Callisto. He's a spy and his weaker nature allows him to blend in.


Ravers are group of Magneto's followers lead by Sabretooth. This is a hush hush situation. Most people don't know about the Ravers. Magneto and no higher up acknowledges the present of the group. The Ravers are a murderous group that hunts people that would conspire against Magneto.


The Riders were created by four friends. These friends have been broken up from their duties when retreat was sounded during the fall of Washington D.C. Days of hiding proved to piss them off as they tried to move out of the city and deal with a harden defeat. The riders were born under a broken flag hung upside down on the streets. Sawyer made the call and Davis was the first the stand up with Sawyer due to the emotions of failing his job to protect President Kelly. Avery and Hale soon followed. They plotted minor attacks so that hidden soldiers would follow. They moved close but far enough from the city to create their base and not have eyes on them.


4 Rogues are a rare group. Not many mutants or humans are willing to travel alone or in very small groups. At times, Rogues are not loners. They are a hard group of people that have killed and cannot be trusted by most groups. People that fall under this category are Deadpool, Maverick, and like characters.

The Avengers and Young Avengers

This is a very displaced community. Due to the war many have died and disappeared. The only allowed Avengers are those in the canon list. For most of the Avengers they are human side and working meaningless job or are in hiding depending on their status. Some are searching out Charles Xavier to help in his cause. They have not re-invited themselves as a team due to the fact that they could jeopardize themselves.


Xavier started the X-Men team with five members and a spy. These members were Bobby Drake, Hank McCoy, Jean Grey, Scott Summers, and Warren Worthington. The spy was a girl named Sage. The X-Men were created to keep the peace among the superhuman community and for the most part there were minor battles against the Juggernaut and the Brotherhood. Ororo Monroe, Logan, and Kurt Wagner made the team a couple of years later. Others would have to wait. Xavier found he couldn't train anyone with the battle that needed to be won. Some students that would have been recruited like Kitty Pryde and Jubilation Lee found themselves in the protection of Morlocks until they came of age. With Magneto's rule and the possibilities of the X-Men are very wary about who the they allow within their ranks.
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