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 Posted: Jun 10 2014, 04:49 PM
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The Guide

Welcome to Final Hour, an X-men site where Magneto's war came true and he has won. The people of North America are faced with the details of the aftermath and the main issue: How to dethrone Magneto. Now let's get started!

The Plot and Main Reads

Any prospective player needs to read the plot. It's all over the site about the plot is created from a completely made up universe. Secondly, you have the rules and Universe as mandatory reads. The timeline is there for you to reference events as they happened.

The Help

We are trying to add a lot of helpful features to the site. They are not all found in the help desk. Go over the FAQ's, there are answers to questions that are typically and not typically asked on Marvel sites but the staff has come a across most of these questions in the past. For your application, there is a guide to score an A+ to get accepted. Also, we have a spot for people that need help with avatars, faces, and mutations!

The Canons

There is going to be some confusion here. We get that. On the Marvel canon list we only have a few canons listed. These characters are either in the plot or else where in stated factions. Others who are not are simply to fill in the blanks and start fleshing out the canon list. You, the writer, get to twist the character. You want Psylocke to be a Brotherhood member? So be it. This is a X-Men Universe where you have a little more freedom than most other sites. We get to rewrite history and twist characters. The Rider canons are site canons. These four are founding members and their stories.
The Characters

We cater to people that love feels, love missions, and love their character to the point where they will destroy their emotional well being. We allow romance but that is something we consider a subplot and it should not take up 90% of your character's time on the site. There is going to be a lot to do. Current missions and events will be listed in Plotters and More board. Everyone is encouraged to come up with ideas for missions and events. Missions and events are going to be considered as part of your activity.

Posting, Missions, and Events

We are looking for posters that bring characters to life. Everything from involuntary movements to setting information, to emotions should be in your posts. This doesn't mean you can't have an off day and post a couple minimum 250 word posts here and there. We simply want you try to dive into the character and explore them on deeper levels. Never give a eight hundred word post three hundred words back . Also, don't spend six hundred words describing a toaster. The staff will ask you to rewrite the post if we notice these objects that have nothing to do with plot are getting the majority of your post.

Everyone is encouraged to join and come up with missions and events. Missions should be posted even if it's only two people undertaking a mission to keep everyone up to date with what is going on. Missions are part of what staff looks at for the majority of activity.


Applications are stressful. They are not as stressful as school, your health, and what not. Don't treat them as such. Breath, relax, you are creative, and you can handle this. Your application is your own design. You dive into the character of your choice. We are not going to blink or wince at your ideas. If they fit the site we'll let them fly. Ask questions and look over information. Read the application help section and look over the groups. Everything you need to get started is there.


You made it! You got accepted into our world. Remember, this is era after a war. Not everyone you met is going to be your best friend. Humans are abused and treated like dirt. X-Men and anyone that stands against Magneto is a traitor and has a target on their backs. Now with that, grab your claims, start your plotting, and open a post or two or take one. It time to get started, baby. I hope you have enough game to survive!
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