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 The FAQ
 Posted: May 26 2014, 07:09 AM
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General Questions

How do I register?
You'll register with your character's first and last name. Canons check the canon list for certain characters such as Rogue and Logan. Certain canons use code names for their own personal reasons. The canon list states which canons use code names.

In what time period does the site take place in?
In the near future, year 2020.

Where in the world does the story take place?
The United States, Mexico, and Canada, which is now Mutopia. it will primarily take place in what was Washington DC.

Is this site based on the movies or the comics?
Neither, really. We are our own world. You may use snippets of Marvel main universe for origins of characters (how they grew up). You'll fit history to make sense with the site. Do not fear creativity. Movie information will not be accepted.

Are M-Day and other major events applied on the site?
No. We are strictly AU.

Do you allow player created site wide events?
Yes, we do. We actually encourage you to come up with ideas and expand on them with others.

What's the general purpose of this site?
The general purpose of this board is not smut or romance, it is to explore the lives of humans and mutants in a post Apocalyptic world that Magneto governs. We do allow for romance and romantic notions. We just don't want to see it become your character's only story.

Application Questions

Do I have to use a movie play by?
Pick a play by with in reason. Angel should be blond with blue eyes like he is comics.

Can I gender bend?
Please no gender bending.

About histories, where do I start?
Keep the origin stories like Betsy Braddock will still be born in England, however, her life's path may change with the site.

Will canon families stay intact?
Yes, they will but even twins can be against each other.

How does one address romance in an application?
If you are playing a canon do not declare an official canon lover. We want each person to decide the romantic fate of their character. As an original we give you more freedom in this because of requests and creative muses. You may declare an original as a lover but please do not declare a canon for the reason stated above.

Have the Iraq and Afghanistan wars happened?
Yes, they did but both were abandoned in 2008 due to the mutant wars.

Activity Questions

How often do you want us to post a week?
In an ideal world, the staff love twice a week. We are totally cool with once a week, given the facts of life.

When is an account considered inactive?
An account is considered inactive when you go three weeks without a post or there is no contact made to a staff member.

How are activity checks done?
Activity Checks will not happen unless the site takes off and the member base grows.

Character Questions

Do you accept originals?
Yes, we do.

Does my canon have to be in {insert faction}
For beginning of the role play, yes they do. Plots can make it possible to change factions. If you desire a canon that is not on the list you have the option to really twist them.

Can I play Jean as the Phoenix?
No. The Phoenix does not exist in this universe.

Can I play Wolverine's Daughter or another original child?
No, we do not accept original family members.

I want to play Deadpool. Can I break the forth wall?

No we are not going to do the fourth wall breaking. The reasoning is, Deadpool is aware he's comic character but doesn't know he's a role play character.

What source should be base appearances on?
We want you base appearances on the main comic universe. To make it simple: No white washing.

Do you accept all types of sexuality?
Yes, we do.

For mutant children, are there any special programs or classes or something that they go to for learning how to control their powers?-Goss
Depending on what happens to them. Where they are taken or where they are found they would have classes for their abilities in their high school. If a mutant was a teenager imprisoned by humans, he wouldn't have formal training.

Is there a chance that the x-gene could be missed in a child?
It could be if the person reading the test screwed it up or takes the wrong amount of blood. 99.9% of tests are read correctly.


So and so from the avenger is not listed can I play them?

We are not going to allow many avengers. If they aren't listed they are not available.

Can I play any Avenger I want?
No. We are only allowing those Avengers on the canon list.

Can I make an Avenger original?
You can, in the near future. We just aren't ready for that yet.

Will you be releasing Avengers that are missing?
They will be released during missions and events and when the time is right.

What is the purpose of adding the Avengers?
The Purpose of adding them is to solidify they human side of war and it's aftermath.

graphic questions

What is the size of the avatars?
avatars are 250x400.

Can I use comic images?
In thread templates, trackers, ect. Avatars must be your face claim.

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