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 A cup of tea [take the pain]
Faith Hastings
 Posted: Sep 13 2014, 09:13 AM
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i don't know where i lost my confidence somewhere between 'are we there yet?' and 'have we been paid yet?' drew lines on a map and made it further then than most did
No. Yes. The warrior of mind was fighting for something. This housing may not be shabby but it was not so liked part of town. People took pride in what they had left. It was something the mutants couldn't take away from the people of Richland. It was something that caused drive in the Riders.

Faith rose early and poured herself a glass of water. Water first then coffee was healthiest if you drank it an hour later. Hydration always comes first. The cold water was not biting but it slowly roused the sleepiest parts of her. It always made her feel alive and she as sure to make sure that all the guys got well hydrated in the morning. Well, guys and girls. She was the doctor and apparently she knew better. Without honest labs and such, she couldn't be a 100% certain of many ideas that were coming about. The Riders made sure she had enough equipment to test blood and other samples.

First let out a breath and stretched her muscles. She was lean and averagely strong. Little was she like the rest. They had to rely on strength and power. She relied on knowledge and a small pistol that still made nervous. The idea of killing someone was terrifying to her. What if she shot the wrong person? What if the person didn't die right way? There were too many questions that caused her mind to wonder. Faith was Texan, that didn't like guns. She could horseback ride, rope, and more. She used to be a good little cowgirl and then she was placed in the arms of the world as she traveled from state to country.

Her muscles loosened and warm for the gentle movements she displayed in the kitchen. Shamelessly she was wearing her pjs, just a tank top and fleece bottoms. The guys kept the air on high and it just got to cold for anything thinner.

There was no desire to read the news. The paper on the table claimed that either Sawyer or someone else had gotten up. There was only bad news there and how many times she have too tell them to leave the news alone until nine or they woke up fully and enjoyed the morning? Bad news was not good for your heart at 5 A.M. In response she stood straight up and went to make herself a cup of tea with honey.

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