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Leon Caine


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Sep 30 2014, 11:56 PM
Excitement filled the air, people cheered and applauded as the television above the bar counted down to zero, the crowd chanted the numbers with it resonating off the walls as voices both drunk and sober gathered in a joyful cry as the night finished out and the new day begun. The entirety of the bar was hinged on this moment as numbers clocked down to reach midnight, of course everyone was happy because today was a anniversary of the greatest sort, at midnight it would be five years to the day that Magneto and his Brotherhood army had taken D.C. by force. In the corner of the bar however sat one lone man whom did not cheer, he did not count, instead he drank. Leon remembered the day well, five years ago today, or nearly today anyway, he had fought along side his brothers under the command of The Scarlet Witch and Anubis to seize the streets of D.C.

The table before Leon was a clutter of glass and bottles, to the untrained eye it would seem the mess was entirely his, and to be truthful more then a share of the shot glasses and spilled booze had been felled by Leon's own hand. Even as those around him cheered Leon slammed another shot down his throat, the raw, warm, whisky burned on its travels down causing him to curse as he pounded the glass against the table before he coughed to catch his breath. Looking around the swamped bar top Leon's eyes were greeted with a virtual sea of happy patrons drinking to the battle that years ago had been hard fought and hard won. Leon drank for different reason's, he was a survivor of that battle, a very important and needed battle to further mutant supremacy, however many mutants had died that day. Leon drank for them, to honor his brothers and sisters who did not live to see this day, a day where their sacrifices had actually mattered and won the day.

Deep down however Leon drank for a separate reason, he cared for his fallen friends, but every year since his freedom from the human prison that had held him wrongfully Leon would drink himself into a stupor all to forget this night. "Anniversary" Leon thought as he filled his glass with more drink from a bottle by his side, "What a great god damn day it is..." Leon muttered staring into his glass, waiting for his memories to try and reform before he scattered them through alcohol. Leon knew why he drank, even if he re-framed from telling others, today was more then just a day he had helped to win a battle years pasted, thirteen years ago too the day, Leon had watched his own father gun down his mother... just for being a mutant... just for birthing him a mutant son.

Addled with rage and stirred by the idiocy that only alcohol could bring Leon slammed his shot again, letting the liquor burn his throat, but also burn his memories away. Instead of placing his glass down however Leon threw it in his anger, as if the clear crystal had been the cause of his ire. The small glass soared over the happier crowd of patrons until it hit the far wall of the bar, instead of bursting into shards however the crystal punched right through the wood and dry wall in a single neat hole before carrying on into the street out of view. Luckily Most of the drunk crowd missed this display, accept for the group of people who sat below the newly made hole in the wall. They looked Leon's way as he looked at them, Leon could only bring himself to shrug in apology however, for the truth was that he wasn't actually sorry. Leon did spend a moment starring at his hand resting upon the table however, he hadn't meant to throw the glass with his powers, but in his drunken anger his abilities had gotten away from him for a moment.

With a sigh Leon rummaged through the mess of crystal glasses piled on his table, it took him a few seconds but he finally found what he was looking for. A clean glass, which he promptly filled, emptying the rest of his bottle into it. This time Leon drank more slowly, if only because he knew he was already drunk. The T.V. above the bar flashed a screen of fireworks as midnight finally came and the crowd cheered. It reminded him that Leon shouldn't be getting so drunk, sometime that next morning he was supposed to attend a formal gathering that Magneto conducted every year. Every survivor of the battle was invited, even if only the more important lieutenants were officially recognized and rewarded. It was one of the biggest gatherings of Magneto's supporters that would happen that year, meaning Leon could see anyone he had served under. Truth be told that was why Leon was drinking in this out of the way bar, with luck none of his former superiors would see him conducting his yearly ritual to forget. In fact the only friend Leon had that knew about him doing this every year was Anubis... Tarik, and he normally gave Leon his space for this.

Sipping at his whisky Leon lazily watched the T.V. as a newscaster finished giving her report, she signed off with a smile and happy words about the day. "Yup, greatest day it could ever be." Leon said sarcastically raising his glass in a mock toast, to which several of the more drunk patron's in earshot toast back.
Jul 29 2014, 08:17 AM
Hey guys! So instead of looking for a specific character I'm hoping too get some people to create there own mutant students for schooling at Magneto's school. This way Leon actually gets to do his job and teach people! Students would be trained in the war effort, but also still have there personal lives and outside class interactions with other students and teachers. So whether your a dedicated follower of the cause, a powerful young mutant enrolled without a choice, or just a mutant orphan with no where else to go back your bags and come to school, they say its the best time of your lives.
Jul 26 2014, 07:40 AM
Leon Caine has spent his life as a soldier, after eight years of frontline war however he is seeking to move on from his life. As a teacher Leon will be training kids to fight, but he hopes to find a way to teach them more. He knows the horror and rage and grief that comes with war he embraced it for the longest time, now Leon is at a cross roads, is it better to give in to his hate forever? Or search for something more?

Deeply loyal to Magneto and the mutant cause, Leon would fight for any and all mutants with his life, however do to his past with humans Leon is troubled with rooted emotional trauma and anger towards humanity even if he realizes that not all humans are to blame. Now a teacher and for the first time away from combat Leon must deal with the adjustments in his life even walking down the street is different for him then it is for most people.

Leon is protective of his kind and will not allow a mutant to come to harm if he can help it, however his attachment to Magneto and the Brotherhood is greater then anything and he would likely do as ordered from a recognizable higher up... even if it was something he didn't agree with.
Jul 25 2014, 05:21 PM
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<div class="sblink2">25</div><br>
<div class="sblink2">Instructor at Magneto's School</div><br>
<div class="sblink2">Citizen</div><br>
<div class="sblink2">Mutant</div><br>
<div class="sblink2">New York City, NY</div><br>
<div class="sblink2">Chace Crawford</div><br>

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<img src=""><br><br>
<div class="fullnameapp">Leon Caine</div>

<table><tr><td><div style="font-family:oswald; font-size:50px; text-transform:uppercase; line-height:100%; color: #000;text-align:justify;">“</div></td>
<td><div style="font-family:oswald; font-size:12px; text-transform:uppercase; line-height:100%; border-bottom: #4d6c7e 3px solid; width:200px;text-align:justify;">Here I'll teach you more then how to fight, here I'll teach you how to shape your future </div></td></tr></table>


<div class="tab">
<input type="radio" id="tab-2" name="tab-group-1">
<label for="tab-2">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</label>
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<td><div style="font-family:oswald; font-size:15px; text-transform:uppercase; line-height:100%; border-bottom: #4d6c7e 3px solid; width:200px;text-align:justify;">freeform.</div></td></tr></table>
<div style="font-size:9px;text-align:justify;width:220px;line-height:90%;margin-bottom:10px;"> Leon was born in 1995 to the greatest city in the world, or so people had called it at the time. His mother was a school teacher and secretly a mutant in a time when mutants were looked at with fear. Leon's father however was a human member of the army, though rough when needed Leon grew up seeing his father as a kind man underneath. During his early life Leon is believed to be much like any other boy, advancing at a average rate, social as anyone else, struggled in some areas of life while excelling in others. In fact the only thing special about Leon that anyone could see was his ability to find trouble. Ever since the young age of four it seemed Leon would be sent home for fighting, his mother hated what he did, but could never fault his reason why, Leon always fought the 'bullies' no matter who they were picking on. <p>

As Leon grew his family life grew troubled, as fear of mutants started to grow Leon's father began to notice things in his wife's behavior, how she always seemed to be hiding something. Suspicion lead to distrust, distrust lead to conflict, for years Leon sat in his bedroom hearing the fighting and the yelling. Argument after argument until one night Leon left his room and tried to intervene, it was the first time in his life Leon had ever been struck by his own father. Leon's mother reveled herself that night, slamming her husband against the wall with her mind she and Leon fled and didn't look back. <p>

As 2005 hit Leon now lived with his mother and grandmother, his parents were in the middle of divorce proceedings and for Leon at least life seemed as though it couldn't get worse. Leon's fighting got worse at school, he went from fighting the bullies to fighting everyone even if it meant he became the bully. Word of his mothers mutation got out (due to his father) Leon became teased and abused by many, the humans only saw him as the mutants son. <p>

In 2007 Leon learned he was wrong about life, it could get worse... so much worse then a twelve year old could even begin to understand. War came, it began in Leon's city, it began blocks away from his very home. Soldiers controlled the streets, panicking humans became rioters as the battle ebbed just a few streets away, mutants defending themselves... or attacking, Leon was to young to know, he only knew fear. Leon's mother and grandmother packed fast when the battle began, they grabbed him and tried to flee, but the soldiers stopped them, even worse Leon's father stopped them. His parents yelled and argued as the battle drew near, explosions and gun fire filled Leon's ears distant but closing until suddenly a tank soared through the air, it struck a home nearby and the block went quiet as fire exploded over the sky. Everyone hit the street, Leon got up dizzy and confused he barely heard the screams until a gun shot made everything clear. <p>

His father shot his mother down, reacting the other soldiers fired upon his grandmother and others that they suspected to be mutants. Leon dropped at his mothers side, crying and screaming. A bullet struck him, Leon didn't even feel it as the bullet bounced away, his shooter dropped as the round hit his chest. Like that Leon's father was gone too. <p>

Over the next four years Leon is held as a prisoner by the humans, held in a special camp near Detroit, rage ruled his life, Leon fought inmates and guards alike. Finally however the day came, Magneto had pushed north crushing the humans in his path, the prison is abandoned by the humans as the city falls. Brotherhood members free the prisoners the next day, they offer mutants the chance to be sent to a haven in the budding Mutopia, Leon instead chooses to travel with Magneto's troops, enlisting in the war at 16. <p>

2011-2019, Leon fights on the front lines changing from a angry bumbling soldier for the cause into a experienced veteran. Although never becoming a commander he is selected to lead strike teams and raiding parties in the absence of Magneto's chosen leaders, Leon successfully sacks human settlements and wins battles for mutant kind. Toward the end of his career Leon confirms over a hundred kills in battle before a injury removes him from the front lines. During recovery Leon is sought out to become a instructor at Magneto's School for young mutants, his rage finally subsiding after eight years of war and with few other skills at hand Leon accepts the offer to train the children of the future. <p>
when did they mutate? August 3rd, 2007 <p>

what event caused their mutation? Witnessing his mothers death triggered Leon's mutation for the first time. <p>

how do they feel about humans? Leon understands not all humans are evil, however his past events have filled him with a hatred of humans he will likely never be able to forget. When possible he avoids the humans in Mutopia, when he must confront them he is more often then not hostile. <p>

how do they feel about magneto? Leon see's Magneto as one of the greatest men to ever live. Although they have never met, Magneto fought to save his people, freed him from wrongful incarceration, and seeks to ensure mutants like his mother are never gunned down in the street again. Leon see's him as a hero. <p>

what faction are they on and how did they get there? Leon is now a teacher (Citizen) after years of serving at war alongside the Brotherhood, whom he sees as brothers-in-arms. Leon became a teacher after a war injury and being offered the position of General Combat Instructor. <p>

was your x-gene tested?Yes, confirmation testing was done in Leon's interment camp, however he was known to be a mutant beforehand. <p>


<table><tr><td><div style="font-family:oswald; font-size:50px; text-transform:uppercase; line-height:100%; color: #000;text-align:justify;">“</div></td>
<td><div style="font-family:oswald; font-size:15px; text-transform:uppercase; line-height:100%; border-bottom: #4d6c7e 3px solid; width:200px;text-align:justify;">abilities.</div></td></tr></table>
<div style="font-size:9px;text-align:justify;width:220px;line-height:90%;margin-bottom:10px;"> Leon spent much of his education under the tutelage of a human penal system, everything after that he learned at war. <p>

Skilled strategist <p>
Unarmed combatant <p>
Expert marksmen <p>
Trained in stealth and ambush tactics <p>
Capable of creating IED's <p>
Able tracker <p>
Can read and write at high school levels <p>

Lacking a traditional education however has left Leon weak in most forms of math or science. He is unskilled in the use of many common aspects of daily life as well do to his long period of service on the front lines.<p>

Leon also suffers from a war injury, his left side from knee to mid-stomach were badly burned during battle. <p>


<table><tr><td><div style="font-family:oswald; font-size:50px; text-transform:uppercase; line-height:100%; color: #000;text-align:justify;">“</div></td>
<td><div style="font-family:oswald; font-size:15px; text-transform:uppercase; line-height:100%; border-bottom: #4d6c7e 3px solid; width:200px;text-align:justify;">mutation.</div></td></tr></table>
<div style="font-size:9px;text-align:justify;width:220px;line-height:90%;margin-bottom:10px;"> Leon's ability has been described by people smarter then himself as 'mass acceleration'. Upon contact with his skin Leon is able to send inanimate objects flying in a direction of his choosing with varying levels of force and speed. Leon's upper levels are yet to be reached, however he has in the past been seen sending a penny flying with such velocity as to completely topple a two-story home, he is also able to exert such fine control as to send objects fired at him moving as fast as bullets in complete reverse upon contact with his skin. Somehow doing this protects Leon from damage as this occurs, it is believed his power completely halts all motion against his flesh unless he desires it. <p>

Although powerful Leon's mutation holds obvious weakness, his power only effects inanimate objects, it also only effects solid mass, meaning fire, water, or any kind of energy bypasses his abilities completely. Also any damage inflicted by a organic object (I.E. Fist, Claw, est.) is also completely unprevented by his powers. Lastly Leon is physical and mentally only as powerful as any physical active human. <p>



</div></td></div></div></center></center></table></div></center></center><center><div style="font-size:7px;font-family:helvetica;"><a href="">thanks!</a></div>[/dohtml]
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